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Zombie Frontier 3 hack and cheats to survive Zombie Apocalypse

If you are wondering how to progress in Zombie Frontier 3D, then focus on these vital tips. Zombie Frontier 3 hack and cheats  will help you to kill all Zombies and survive Zombie Apocalypse. As we all know, the story began with you walking alone in the dead land. Dead-land infested with zombies; you have to endure yourself in this harsh environment with your primary weapon. The game has more than 120 levels or breath-taking mission, which you have to complete.

Zombie Frontier 3D- Survive the Zombie Invasion

We all love to kick Zombies ass and believe me Zombie Frontier 3D did not disappoint you on that front. Shoot them, kill them with a grenade or kill them with another weapon. It has it all, with small missions you will gain strength to kill the Boss. So, what are you waiting for, go and kill Zombies with styles?

What you should know about Zombie Frontier 3D

Zombie Frontier 3D game has been developed by iGames Entertainment, which is free gaming app which you can download from Google Play Store as well as Apple Store. This game is developed on the line of the surviving mission by killing lots of Zombies. Zombie Frontier 3D has more than 20 Million installs across the mobile device. Zombie Frontier 3D is rated as extreme violence, and users above 18+ should play this game. It has in-app purchase for coins and gems, which you can use to upgrade your weapons or buy new items from the store.

Features of Zombie Frontier 3D

There are many features which are remarkable in Zombie Frontier 3D as compare to other zombie’s games. Zombie Frontier 3D has developed a story-line where you have to survive in the zombie land while completing a specific mission. Mission, when completed, will earn your bonus ranging from game coins to diamonds. Some of the essential features which we found interesting in the game are as follows:

boss fight

(a) Incredible 3D graphics which will make great ambiance around you.

(b) Survive the zombie apocalypse environment with you dare and strength.

(c) Kill different types of zombies to complete the mission

(d) Choose from wide range of guns provided in the game

(e) Use grenade when surrounded by zombies

(f) Use unique items such as freeze zombies to get more time to kill them

(g) Reload your ammo to kill zombies

(h) Buy new weapon to kill zombies

(i) Finish mission to unlock new weapons

Zombie Frontier 3 hack and cheats

If you want to finish all task with dare and strength, just follow our Zombie Frontier 3D tips and tricks:

zombie frontier 3 cheats tips and tricks

  1. Aim for the Head

Always remember, in a shooting game, the best part of scoring or killing is a headshot. So, always aim for the head to kill zombies, it will also guarantee that you use less ammunition. It will also help you with less reloading or the weapon and get more score. Aiming in the head always give you ample time to reach to other zombies, as game progress you will find different zombies which have a unique power. Do not spend bullet shooting below the hip or belt portion.

The best strategy you should teach from the beginning is the headshot. If you find any zombie, who is running very fast, wait and take aim to his head, do not shoot indiscriminate to zombies. When you are surrounded by hordes of zombies and don’t have time to aim in the head, that time you can fire at will.

  1. Keep on upgrading your primary weapon

Zombie Frontier 3D is action game with strategy; you need to keep on upgrading your primary weapon to survive in the mission. We recommend you to upgrade your basic gun for some levels, as buying a new gun as expensive in the game. Game require very high price from buying new guns which are more powerful than your basic weapon. M629 and M10 are really basic weapons with not much power in them, but they can help you complete your mission if you play intelligently.

You need to upgrade your basic weapon to the max to complete missions. If you have money to buy a new weapon then buy it at the beginning of the game. New weapons are powerful, but you need to upgrade them continuously to get jobs out of them.

  1. Buy new weapon when it becomes necessary

Always keep in mind, you cannot complete all mission with your basic weapon. You have to purchase a new weapon to kill zombies, or you will have struck in the same level for many days. Do not spend your game coins and diamonds for buying other items in the game, store them to buy a new weapon. Weapons are the only thing you should trust in shooting games. The new weapon is like a cool breeze in the game; if you have it, you can clear your mission very easily. So, our recommendation is to save your Coins and Diamonds and try to buy new weapons.

features of zombie frontier 3

  1. Swap weapon while killing Zombies

If you are playing shooting game, you will notice reload of weapon takes lots of time when swapping weapons. Use this trick when you find in a tight position where you did not have time to reload your weapon. These tricks will help you save some precious seconds which can be used to kill zombies. Reloading of the weapon also depends on how you have upgraded your current weapon. So, we recommend you to upgrade your current weapon which will also ensure fast reloading in the middle of a mission.

  1. Try to log in daily for rewards

One of the best advice we can give you is to log in daily to get rewards. If you notice, you can get various items including weapon when your login daily. Do not miss this opportunity and try to log in daily for the bonus. Daily bonus can accumulate in your account, which can later be used to buy a new weapon or upgrade a present weapon. The best part of daily rewards is the new weapon which you can get without spending on buying them.

  1. Try to complete the Daily task

When every you are login to your account, you will notice daily task menu on the left side of the screen. Tap on the menu and check the daily task and their corresponding bonus you will receive when you complete them. Try to complete the daily task to get a bonus like game coins, boxes, and different items. There are many tasks which automatically completed when you complete your mission. So, keep an eye on daily task for rewards and bonus.

  1. Go for the Zombie Quest

If you want to earn free coins, diamonds, and other game items, try to participate I the weekly quest. There are many quests which go on from time to time, some of them are as follows:

(a) Novice weekly slaughter: In this event, you need to kill 500 zombies to become zombie terminator. This one is for the novice who is just started the game. Game rewards will be gold coins and crates.

(b) Advance weekly slaughter: In this event, you need to kill 2000 zombies to become zombie’s killer. This event is for more experienced players who have completed some mission and has a good weapon. Game rewards include gold coins, crates, and items.

(c) Crazy weekly slaughter: In this event, you need to kill 5000 zombies to become zombie killer master. This event is for most experience players who are well advanced in-game levels and have very advance type weapons. Game rewards include abundant gold, silver, items.

You can take part in these quest by tapping the accept mark present on the challenge.

  1. Get free Diamonds

You can get free diamonds in-game by tapping on the right side of your game dashboard which has an icon of “free diamonds.” Always check for free diamonds, these will help you upgrade your guns and to buy a new weapon. You have to perform certain task to get free diamonds like installing games and reaching a certain level in them. We recommend you to check for free diamonds section and try to get some by completing their requirement.

Final words

We have researched extensively to give you best tips for Zombie Frontier 3 hack; we hope by using our methods you will survive the Zombie Apocalypse. If you want to include some more tips or way which we might have left, please drop your comment. We will update this article on a daily basis, so keep on checking this article for new and upcoming tips and tricks, till then happy gaming.


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