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Zombie Frontier 3 cheats Wiki Walkthrough Meet the team

If you love beating the ass of zombies, then you must check out Zombie Frontier 3D. Follow this article to get six cheats to survive Zombie Frontier 3 game, and we will check the developers who made this awesome mobile game.

Meet the team who develop Zombie Frontier 3

Zombie Frontier 3D game has developed by Feelingtouch Technology Ltd, which is based in Hangzhou, China. Feelingtouch Technology Ltd is founded in 2010 by members who were in developing a group of Androids. They started making quality and innovative mobile games for both Google Play and iOS platforms. They enter top 10 games in US Play store on multiple occasion which give them Google Top Developer Award.

Feelingtouch technology Ltd has more than 40 products in a variety of genres including game niches. In 2012 “Guns & BLOOD” bagged then first prize in Samsung APP award. In the year 2013 games “Zombie Frontier” reach the top ten Google game in American area. FTGames reach 150 Million downloads in the year 2014 and in the year 2015 Google awarded them with “Top Developer” title award.

Zombie meet the team

Zombie frontier 3d features

  1. Get a variety of arsenal to kill zombies
  2. You can use assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles to kill zombies
  3. Clear your path using a grenade or other items such as medic-kit
  4. Search for the cure from this deadly virus
  5. You will have four regions to complete the mission
  6. You have to clear 200 levels to win the game
  7. Four challenging bosses to keep your mission going
  8. Over 40 different achievements to earn from
  9. You can compete against online players
  10. You will get rewards based on your skills to hunt and shoot

Zombie Frontier 3 cheats and walkthrough

If you want to finish zombie frontier 3 game, then you must consider using our cheats and walkthrough. Follow our zombie frontier 3 cheats and walkthrough to complete all mission.

Tip1 # headshot is your best shot

All the shooting game has one thing in common, use headshot and wins the game. Zombie frontier 3 D is not different from that, and you have to aim head to kill zombies easily. It will also mean you will spend less ammunition and will have time to kill other zombies.

Tip2 # Use grenade to kill Zombies Hordes

If you are surrounded by large zombie hordes, use grenade to clear it. Try not to use grenade at lower levels; you will need them at a higher level. So, do not use grenade when you are starting off, save it for later higher levels.

Tip3 # Login daily for bonus

Try to log in daily for bonus, if you notice you will receive new gun when your login on the 7th day. So, no need to upgrade the basic weapon you got. Play for six days, and on the seventh day you will receive the improved gun, which will help you to clear the advance level. Also, daily login will give you other bonus and game items which you can use in your game.

choose weapon from this list

Tip4 # Upgrade your basic gun

We recommend you to upgrade your basic gun M629 and M10 to complete basic levels. Do not purchase a new gun until it is necessary to do so. Accumulate diamonds and coins for buying new weapon and keeps of upgrading your primary gun.

Tip5 # Finish mission to get bonus

Finish your current mission, and you will unlock a new weapon. Pay attention to the characteristic to new guns. Check which guns have more caliber to shoot and buy when you get chance.

Tip6 # Try to complete Zombie Weekly Quest

There are plenty of events going in Zombie Frontier 3 D, try to finish the weekly quest. Depending on your killing of zombies you can get weekly rewards. There are three weekly quests in which you can take part

  • Novice weekly slaughter: you need to kill 500 zombies to win this event
  • Advance weekly slaughter: you need to kill 2000 zombies to win this event
  • Crazy weekly slaughter: you need to kill 5000 zombies to win this event

Final words

That all friends, we hope you now know Zombie Frontier 3 cheats, Wiki, Walkthrough and you got to know the team behind this game. We hope you can use our cheats to get diamond and coins in the game. Till then happy gaming while killing a zombie.

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