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This season join the epic adventure of Viking king plundering village after village. You will be raiding, attacking another players village to build your village in a very innovative game known as “COIN MASTER.” If you are looking for Coin Master hack cheats & free coins, then read our full article to know how you can get free coins. We recommend you to read the full article and follow every method given in the article to get free coins in Coin Master.

What is Coin Master Mobile Game?

Coin Master mobile game is developed by “Moon Active.” Moon Active company belong to Israel, and now they claim to have downloaded more than 15,000,000 installs from Google Play itself. Coin master mobile game is an innovative game which gives you a chance to build your village by spinning the slot machine. You will be given 5 spins free every one hour, and you need to hit spin to get different game items, which will help you to conquer other players villages in the game.

Coin Master Hack No Survey

Coin Master Hack No Survey

How to use Coin Master Hack No Survey No Human verification 2018 {updated}

Coin Master cheats are special kind of tool which has been developed keeping in mind different type of age groups. We have made this Coin Master online tool accessible to all players who find it difficult to buy Game Coins and Spins. We have worked hard to make this tool fully undetectable from the game server and want your account fully functional after using this tool.

Please follow these steps to get “coin master online hack no survey no human verification” free coins and spins.

  1. Click on the “Coin Master try the ”
  2. Enter you Coin Master “username or ”
  3. Select your platform (put android or iOS)
  4. Select the proxy (this will not reveal your IP to the game server)
  5. Click on connect
  6. After the session will connect to the server
  7. Select Number of spin and Amount of coins you want
  8. Click on generate
  9. Now wait for the process to finish
  10. After you get confirmation, relaunch your Coin Master game and enjoy free coins

Coin Master Game Walkthrough

Coin Master Game Walkthrough

If you love to spin slot machine, you will enjoy Coin Master Game. Coin Master has some innovative concept where it revolves around spin of a slot machine. You need to spin the slot machine to get different items which will help you to build your village.

When you begin the game, your account will have 75000 game coins. Before we begin the game, we have to buy village which will cost around 60000 game coins. Every time you make something in your village or upgrade you will receive one star. You have to earn 20 stars before you can move to another village. When you finish construction your first village, the game will prompt you for your desired name. Put your desired name in the field given in the prompt.

You can also have the option to connect your game account to Facebook. If you link your account to Facebook account, you will receive 50 extra spins and 100k coins. Apart from spins, you can also track your friends who are playing Coin Master on Facebook. You also will get invite option if you connect your game account to Facebook account.

After you complete the basic requirement of the game, you will be guided to a slot machine which will give you eight free spin. You will get four items when you spin the slot machine. Those items are

  • Hammer
  • Shields
  • Pig Face
  • Game Coins

Note: you will get five free spins every hour in Coin Master game.

Things you should know about Slot Machine

Coin Master revolves around Slot Machine and their bonus which you can get every hour. By spinning the slot machine, you can get four types of different things, all of them has different roles as given below:

  1. Hammer

Hammer is the basic game item which you will get when you can pull three hammers in a row. Hammer will give you special power to attack other people village and coins. In the attack screen, you will be given 05 positions to choose on which you can attack with a hammer. You will be given only one chance to attack using hammer, after that hammer will disappear. Hammer attack is very powerful and can stop using shields. Hammer will break the shield and disappear, which will also protect the village.

  1. Shields

Shields are another basic item which you can get when your match three shields in a row. The shield is used to protecting your village form hammer attack from other players. Shields can be used one time to protect your village after that they will disappear. Shields gets a break when an attack by a hammer, but it ensures your village safety. You can buy shields for your village if you want to protect it from other players.

  1. Pig Face

Pig face are very rare to find in slot machines; you have to match three pig face in a row to get it. Pig face will give you the opportunity to attack the coin master village. You can choose 03 spots out of 04 spots to attack and get coins. Pig face can give you huge coins which you can use to build your village with ease.

  1. Game Coins

Game coins are the consolation prize that you got when you did not find anything to match on a slot machine. You will receive every time some portion of coins to spin the slot machine. Game coins are fun to get, as this will be used to upgrade or buy new items for the village. If you are not able to progress in Coin Master game, consider using our online tool to get some huge Coins and free spins.

A feature of Coin Master Game

  1. Adorable Characters

If you love characters from the cartoon, then you will love characters from Coin Master Game. Characters such as pigs, tiger, fox, rhino are very simple in drawing and very adorable to watch.

  1. The innovative concept used in Coin Master Game

Traditionally slot machine games are using in a gamble, but Coin Master has brilliantly incorporated traditional slot machine game in village building game. You will be surprised by the fun it has generated when you use slot machine for getting different items for the game.

  1. Support for Multi-platform

Coin Master game has been developed to support iOS, Android and Facebook platform. You can now play this beautiful game using any platform and save your progress. Alternatively, you can also play this game with your Facebook friends, checking their progress every day.

  1. The game revolves around the slot machine

Coin master game revolves around slot machine and its bonus. You can receive hammer, shields or coins using the spin of a slot machine. You can get free spins, using our online tool or you can buy from store present in the game.

  1. Upgrade you Village

Coin Master has presently 100 different village, which means you can play hundreds of hours to get all those 100 types villages. You can find different village type which consists of Goblin Ghetto, snow white or pyramids.

 Features of Coin Master Hack Online Tool

Coin Master Hack Online Tool

  1. Online tool works that work in every browser in the world.
  2. You don’t need to install any software on your system to complete the cheats
  3. No hidden charges or any scam involving
  4. Generate unlimited Coin Master Game coins and spins
  5. Use our Advance algorithm for anti-ban
  6. Works on every mobile device without any problem
  7. 100 % safe from virus and malware
  8. Used by 34500 happy users till now.

Coin Master Game Menu

There are many game options which are given in the game menu, which you can find on the top right-hand side of the game dashboard. You will find these options under the menu section:

  • Play: if you click on this option, you will be taken to the Slot machine for a spin
  • Village: if you click on this option, you will land up in the village of your game
  • Buy Coins and Spin: in this option, you can buy game items such as coins and spins
  • Spins: you can buy spins from the store using this optionshop here
    • 20 spins
    • 55 spins
    • 150 spins
    • 250 spins
    • 650 spins
    • 1350 spins

(note: price depends on country and season like you can get 50% off in April as fool day sale)

  • Coins: you can buy coins from a store in this option, check the coins you can purchase from this section as given below:
    • 50000 Coins
    • 1500000 Coins
    • 4000000 Coins
    • 9000000 Coins
    • 25000000 Coins
    • 60000000 Coins

(note: Price will keep on fluctuating depending on country and season)

  • Chest: you can buy chest depending on your requirement
    • Wooden chest = 2000000 Coins
    • Golden chest = 6000000 Coins
    • Magical chest = 12000000 Coins
  • Village Shop: in the section, you can buy different items of the village and upgrade it
  • Village news: In this section, you will get any news or information regarding game or updates
  • Map: You can check all your village on this map
  • Leaderboard: You can check all leader of Coin master game
  • Invite friends: You can invite friends from Facebook to join the game
  • Setting: In this, you will find a different game setting which is essential for saving your game progress.

Pro and Cons of Coin Master Game

we have summarized pro and cons of Coin Master game, you can check these characteristic and decide if you want to play Coin Master.


  1. The innovative game concept, based on spin the slot machine
  2. The game can be played by all age group
  3. Adorable game characters
  4. Smoothing music to complement cool drawing
  5. Spin and conquer the world
  6. Four game items can be received using the spin option of slot machine
  7. 100 different villages to play with
  8. Hammer, shield, pig face like game items


  1. Game coins and spin are very expensive
  2. Upgrading village will take days
  3. You need to purchase game items to progress in the game
  4. Full of ads



Now we will reveal the Coin master hack cheats & Guide, using this you can earn free coins and spins.

  1. Play Daily: if you want to earn then play daily. You should login daily for getting free spins. You might be knowing that you will earn 05 free spins every hour. So, keep on playing daily to get free spins, this will ensure your steady game progress.
  2. Check Daily newsletter: Always subscribing to the daily newsletter of the game, it will also ensure you receive daily rewards. Newsletter sometimes gives you the option to share it, and instead of it, you will get free spin or coins.
  3. Connect with Facebook: if you connect your account with Facebook, then you will receive 50 Spins and 100k coins free. It will also ensure that you can send and receive free spins and coins to your Facebook friends. You can also check the daily progress of your Facebook friends.
  4. Keep on spending Coins: you should keep on spending coins for building a village and other items of the village. You will get rewards for completing certain task. When you reach a higher level, rewards will unlock.
  5. Get Chest for upgrading your village: when you upgrade your village to fullest, then you will be rewarded with the chest. The chest will contain coins and spins which can be used to build your new village.
  6. Invite your friends and get Bonus: when your friends join using your affiliate link in the game, you receive 25 free spins. This will help you build your village, so keep on inviting your friends to the game to get a free
  7. Check free video Ads: do not miss any video ads which can fetch you around 15000 coins or one free spin. Video ads are great and will take only 5 to 10 second to finish. Do watch for these video ads and get some free Coins.


We have summarized COIN MASTER HACK CHEATS & FREE COINS GUIDE and hoped that you like our article. We also recommend you to use our online tool if you find it very difficult to get free Spins and Coins. We encourage you to use all the method given in the article to get coins and free spins of Coin Master.


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