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Army Men Strike Hack Cheats – free Coins Method

Have you seen a green color soldier in Toy Story Movies? Well, then be ready to play that lovely character in an epic action pack Game called “Army Men Strike.” Army Men Strike has developed for iOS and Android platform both. The game was developed by a Chinese company called Yuanli Prism which did a commendable job in creating a 1990 era.

Army men Strike game has more than 3000000 downloads from Google play store itself. The game is similar to other MMORTS (Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game) game; you need to learn strategies to win the war.

Army Men Strike free coins

Army Men Strike brings home the nostalgia of 1990’s era when children love to play with plastic toys color with green paint. You might have noticed that it that era, we don’t have any other thing like the internet to play games. All the games played in those eras was with your imagination. If you want to relive those childhood memories, then install and play Army Men Strike.

The game has relevance in this era also when today generation children want to play war games with some soldier made up of plastic online. You should pay attention to the gameplay, and sure enough, you will be engulfed in the brilliance of the game and environment.

The game has everything which you can remember vividly, train, aircraft, helicopter, tanks, solider, guns, money everything. Forget everything and play the innovative game of the year “Army Men Strike.”

What new in Army Men Strike

  1. In the Battlefield map, you will find the entrance to Planes Active Skill
  2. When Deep battles end, the commanders who participate in the battle will automatically teleport to the new battlefields.
  3. Many new technologies added to the game
  4. New improved privileges and experience system has been introduced in the system.
  5. New Bonus for in-app purchase
  6. Event base bonus if you buy gold or items on that week

Some of the in-app purchase if you are interested in buying

  • A mound of Gold = will cost you around $19.99
  • Pile of Gold = will cost $4.99
  • A heap of Gold= will cost $9.99
  • Sack of Gold = will cost $49.99
  • Box of Gold= $99.99
  • 30-day Privileges = $24.99
  • Some gold = $0.99

Army Men Strike Hack Cheats

How to use Army Men Strike Hack 2018 {updated}

You can follow our methods to get free coins in Army men Strike Game.

  1. Click on the “Go to the hack” image given on the website
  2. Enter your username or email for Army men strike Game
  3. Select your platform on which you play Army men strike
  4. select the proxy option.
  5. Wait for the website to connect to the game server using your user id or email
  6. Now select how much Gold Coins you want.
  7. Wait for the algorithm to execute its full script
  8. After the hack is over, confirmation will come. You have to relaunch Army Men Strike.
  9. Enjoy your Army Men Strike Game with unlimited Coins.

Unique features of Army Men Strike No Human Verification

There are many unique features in the Army Men Strike which you will notice when you start playing the game. Some of the unique features of Army Men Strike we have included in the article, it is worth reading it.

  1. Bring back 90’s Childhood nostalgia as a mobile game.
  2. More than 3,000,000 downloads from Google Play Store.
  3. Build Headquarter and attack the enemy to wipe out from this world
  4. Trusted buddy as Sergeant Murphy
  5. Compete with the real online player to match skills
  6. Build your base and fortify it to prevent attacks
  7. Need good strategy, place your offices and solider in such a way that they will eliminate army bigger than
  8. Outwit the enemy with your intelligence and timing
  9. Join alliances and go with them to war
  10. Earn coins and other items to upgrade your base

Features of Army Men Strike Hack Cheats Online Tool

  1. Browser-based tool, which means you don’t have to download any virus or malware on your system to execute it
  2. It is free of cost; any one can use this
  3. No hidden charges for outside
  4. Warning all MOD hack is a virus, and they will install a backdoor on your system to take all your personal information
  5. You can use Go to hack online tool to generate unlimited Gold Coins
  6. Advance undetected algorithm for anti-ban (which protect your Army Men Strike account)
  7. 100% safe to use and free from any virus and malware
  8. Used by 26800 happy users till now.

The game-play of Army Men Strike

gameplay of Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike game will start with teaching how you can upgrade you RC Plane, Headquarter, Chinook (helicopter). Murphy will be your best sergeant in the army who will take order from you to execute. Any operation will involve 05 min to complete, in that 05 min you have to clear the enemy bunker and kill all enemy.

Starting with the war zone, you will first bombard the big enemy guns, after clearing those guns, you have three spots to para drop your troops. Those three spots will be a highlight with a big arrow. Use the middle one or the one which is just in front of the big guns or machinegun to para drop the army.

You need to upgrade the academy to recruit new officers who will new power or abilities which will help you on the battlefield.

You can join the alliance and go to war with them and fight some battle to win coins and other items. The game has some in-app purchase which you can use to upgrade your base and weapons.

Army Men Strike


  1. Great Graphics with soothing sound
  2. Visit your childhood hero
  3. Play with men in green uniform
  4. Best strategy game when you play with planning
  5. Place you officers and soldier in such a way that they can wipe out army bigger than you
  6. More than 3,000,000 downloads
  7. Chat with the player in and around the world
  8. Join an alliance and win the war with them
  9. Upgrade your military area to safeguard from enemy
  10. Free to download but has in-app purchase in the game.


  1. Game Gold Coins are expensive
  2. Many user complaints about the lag in the game
  3. Many user complaints about the game get close down when they go to alliance war
  4. A player who purchases Game Coins has advantages in the game.
  5. Upgradation takes much time if you are not using Coins

Final words

Well, friends, we hope that this article will help you in getting free Gold Coins in Army Men Strike. We recommend you to use our methods to get ahead of the competition. Army Men Strike is a Game which will bring back that 1990 childhood where soldiers were painted in green color, and we played physically using our imagination. Friends rejoice your childhood memories and happy gaming.

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