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8 tips to survive Zombie Frontier 3 D Game

If you are playing Zombie Frontier 3 D game, then you know, how difficult it is to survive in the Zombie Frontier 3 D game after a certain level. We have come up with 8 tips to survive Zombie Frontier 3 D apocalypse.

Tips to Survive in Zombie Frontier 3D

We all know to survive in the Zombie Frontier 3 D game, you need to kill zombies. Killing required certain skill which you can develop during the gameplay. You need to agile and alert during the gameplay as zombies can come from any direction. After each level as you gain experience, zombies also become smarter and acquire the special skill. You need to maintain a balance between your upgraded weapons and special items like medic-kit to tackle those type of situation.

We have summaries some of the finer details of the game which will help you survive Zombie Frontier 3D game.

Tip1. Headshot for the best result

headshot are the best shot

If you want to complete your mission quickly without spending much of your ammunition, then aim for the head. In every shooting game, a headshot is the best scorer, and this is not different from other shooting game. You need to aim at the head to kill a zombie in one shot, try to aim first and then go for the headshot.

Headshot also helps you in saving ammunition, when you reach the higher level you will find it difficult to shoot fast moving zombies, so our advice is to start developing this skill for the starting of the game. You need to know all the vital points of zombies which can be attacked using guns or another weapon to kill them.

Tip2. Upgrade your primary weapon

Zombie Frontier 3D game is strategy game which requires a certain mindset to complete you all mission. We recommend you to upgrade your primary weapon M629 and M10 to complete certain levels. If you find it very hard to continue, then you can think of buying a new weapon. Accumulate diamonds and coins for buying new weapon and keeps of upgrading your primary weapon.

Tip3: Buy a new weapon

Buying new weapon will give you an advantage in completing missions. But consider this option when it is very much necessary to buy it. You can opt for this when your primary guns fail to clear any mission. One more recommendation for young members we want to give is, upgrade your new weapon as soon as you buy it. It will ensure more power to your guns, and you will easily clear your mission.

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Tip4: Use Grenade to clear a large group of Zombies

Grenade is an expensive item in Zombie Frontier 3D game, consider this option when large horde of Zombie surrounds you, and there is no escape plan. Try to accumulate grenade as much as possible in the lower levels. Believe us; you will need those at a higher level when it is tough to complete the mission.

Grenade is like a game changer, use it wisely, and you will clear all mission. Do not use grenade in every mission, use it when there is no escape point.

Tip5: Login daily to get a new weapon

Do not buy a new weapon or upgrade your primary weapon, if you are new in-game. Check the login bonus, and you will find on the 7th day, you will receive guns. Keep an eye on that and wait for the 7th day to receive weapon in your inventory. It will save you diamond and game coins.

Tip6: Finish mission to unlock new weapon

Finish your mission, and you will unlock a new weapon. Pay attention to the new weapon and check their characteristics, you will find good improved guns in your inventory. Accumulate diamonds and coins to buy a new weapon.

Tip7: Swap Guns to kill Zombies

When you are on the mission and need to reload your gun, just swap your gun, do not reload. It will ensure you saving some seconds, which will enough to kill zombies. You all know that reloading of weapon always takes time than swapping of weapon. So, play wisely and swap gun when you face your main gun is out of ammunition.

Tip8: Try to complete Zombie Quest

There are are three types of weekly quest or other events which goes simultaneously. Try to accept those quest and get some diamonds and free coins. There are three types of weekly quest going on at present

  • Novice weekly slaughter: need to kill 500 zombies
  • Advance weekly slaughter: need to kill 2000 zombies
  • Crazy weekly slaughter: need to kill 5000 zombies

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8 tips to survive Zombie Frontier 3 D Game

Final words

If you are looking for real tips to survive zombie frontier 3d game, then you have to follow our recommendation. We have found that playing using our method will help your many clear missions without any problem. If you have any comments on these tips, drop an email to us, and we will include it in our next article.

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